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In Memory of Sarah Jane Smith
An Elisabeth Sladen Memorial Ficathon
Recent Entries 
1st-Jun-2011 03:02 pm - Fic: Everywhere and Everywhen
sarah jane smith and the 4th doctor
Title: Everywhere and Everywhen
Fandoms: Doctor Who
Characters: Sarah Jane Smith, The Doctor (3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th)
Rating: All ages
Spoilers: none
Wordcount: 1078
Summary: Sarah Jane's many goodbyes with the Doctor ... and his goodbyes with her
Author's notes: For the ficathon at inmemoryofsjs

The first time he died ...
1st-Jun-2011 12:18 am - [Announcement] Posting is Open!
Char: Sarah Jane Smith [Pensive]
Posting to the community is now open to all members! Also, the stories at the AO3 collection are now revealed.

No specific headers, but please do use something when posting your fic. ;)
29th-May-2011 11:10 am - [Reminder] Posting Opens on June 1st!
Char: Sarah Jane Smith [Pensive]
Hey, everyone! Just wanted to remind everyone that stories are due on June 1st, which is this coming Wednesday! (Sorry I didn't remind you earlier; it, uh, momentarily slipped my mind. Forgive me, it's my first ficathon? :D )

Posting will open at or shortly after 12:01AM Atlantic Time on June 1st, and be open for approximately twenty-four hours. The deadline itself will not be extended, but! If you feel you will not be ready for Wednesday, contact me via email (in.the.afterlight@gmail.com) or on AIM (intheafterlight) on or before the deadline; I will set posting to moderated after June 1st, rather than closing it, so you'll be able to post to the comm, and I'll approve as long as you've contacted me ahead of time via either method above.

Remember, if you're posting at the AO3, feel free to submit to the challenge any time, as I'll be revealing them on the first, but posting to the comms will remain closed until just after midnight on Wednesday.

Any further questions, feel free to contact me either by email or AIM, as listed above, or comment to this post!
19th-Apr-2011 07:32 pm - Rules and Questions!
Char: Sarah Jane Smith [Pensive]
1. Stories are to be no less than 1000 words.

2. Stories may be Classic-era or New Who-era, or focused on the Sarah Jane Adventures, as long as Sarah is the most prominent character

3. Crossovers are allowed, as long as, again, Sarah is the most prominent character.

4. Stories posted to the AO3 collection will be revealed on 1 June, 2011. Stories posted elsewhere can be linked in the associated Livejournal (inmemoryofsjs) and Dreamwidth ([community profile] inmemoryofsjs) communities when posting is opened on that day.
4a. Posting access to the LJ and DW communities will remain closed until posting opens on 1 June 2011.
4b. Please do not post stories anywhere else before reveal day on 1 June, 2011.

5. No sign-ups are required; posting will be open to anyone who wishes to participate.

Please feel free to ask questions! I'd be happy to clarify any points required.
Char: Sarah Jane Smith [Pensive]
In response to the loss of Elisabeth Sladen on 19 April, 2011, I decided to run a ficathon in her memory. Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures, Big Finish audios, crossovers -- it's all welcome here, as long as Sarah Jane takes the lead.

Between now and 1 June, 2011, I invite everyone to write a story about our favorite sonic lipstick-wielding intrepid reporter. Write about Sarah's adventures with the Doctor -- any of the Doctors. Or all of them. Write about Sarah's relationship with Luke, with the family by which she finds herself surrounded (whether she wanted it or not). Write about what comes between: something set during the Big Finish Sarah Jane Smith audios, or your own particular take on what happens to Sarah between the Classic and New series. Write about how Sarah spends time in the United States -- and helps the Winchester brothers track down a monster, or rescues Luke and/or Clyde from behind the walls of Tower Prep, or tangles with 5-0 in Hawaii on the trail of an alien shapeshifter. Mostly, write about Sarah being the incredibly awesome woman that we all love and remember.

Rest in peace, Ms. Sladen. You gave life to Sarah Jane Smith; now let us give life to you in our memories.
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